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Lazarus DSP

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Lazarus DSP

Lazarus is an omnichannel DSP
which allows Advertisers, Agencies and Ad Networks to buy display impressions across multiple Ad Exchanges in milliseconds.

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Our Unique Selling Points


Get in front of your best customers by securing the highest quality ad inventory in every channel.


Our performance-driven algorithm system is one of the most powerful in the market.


Our platform is an in-house technology which allows us to be more powerful and agile.

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Our Platform

Our DSP platform is developed by our own in-house technology and is based on intelligent performance driven algorithms.

It offers an enormous number of insights as well as the possibility of acting upon them in real time, making it an incredibly useful tool for both agencies and advertisers who need to optimize their Digital Marketing campaigns.

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Ultra Targeting Options

GEO, Device, OS, Browser, Vertical...

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Wide range of formats

Native Ads, Video, Display, etc...

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WW Traffic

Our platform is an in-house technology which allows us to be more powerful and agile.

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Mobile & Web

GEO, Device, OS, Browser, Vertical...

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Only CPM pricing model with CPA, CPC and CPM goals. We even offer the option of direct CPA after test run.

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Impression & Conversion pixels

Our platform is an in-house technology which allows us to be more powerful and agile.

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Optimization Options

Performance rules to automatically, and in real-time, optimise the campaign within the requested parameters.

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You can choose when to serve the Ad over a specific time frame or period or time and control both impression and conversion pixels.

Ad Formats

With our platform you can use all kind of formats according to IAB standards.

Just an example here of the most used.

  • 320x50
  • 300x250
  • 300x50
  • Insterstitial
  • Native
  • Dynamic video


Precise targeting options enable exact hit your target audience.

Varied flavors of targeting options are served at Lazarus as per the taste of our clients. Those are some value-added advantages.

Our DSP Targeting Capabilities

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We allow you to reach your targets by country, city, town and even certain parts of the town.

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Device targeting features allow you reach people by any device from desktop to smartphones.

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Target people using specific desktop and mobile operating systems.

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Choose from a range of the most popular browsers: Chrome, IE, Firefox…

Our DSP Targeting Capabilities

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Keywords (coming soon)

Create a list of keywords relevant to your campaign and our platform will ensure your Ads will only appear on sites containing those keywords.

Caps Icon


You can choose both diary and total caps on impressions, clicks and money.

Carrier Icon


Choose from a huge list of carriers worldwide to reach with your campaign.

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Target people based on their interests to ensure you only reaches those who will engage with it.

Powerful, Intelligent Digital Ad Solution

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